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Research on performance test of power station units

    In terms of the research on performance test of power station units, our institute has engaged in the test research on performance of major and auxiliary equipment and thermodynamic system of power station units for a history of decades of years. It has successively completed the national level qualification test tasks for 50MW, 125MW, 300MW and 600MW thermal power generation units , etc. According to national standards, ASME standards, IEC standards and ISO standards, it has completed various performance tests of more than 100 sets of units including various domestic and oversea coal-fired units, gas-steam combined cycle units, nuclear power generation units, waste heat utilization power generation units , etc. Its fairness and authority have been consistently recognized by domestic and oversea customers.
    The performance inspection department has a team which has engaged in the research of performance test of units for a long period and it is equipped with multiple sets of specialized equipment which are able to finish complete performance tests. At the same time, it has fuel assay capability and it is able to carry out the work for industrial analysis, elementary analysis, heating value analysis, fusibility test of coal ash (melting point of ash), test of grain size distribution curve of samples, coal ash composition analysis , etc. on the fuels including coal, coke, biomass, slag specimen, fly ash , etc.

The scope of performance test business mostly includes:
    Thermal performance acceptance test of thermal power generation units and conventional islands for nuclear power
    National level qualification of new power generation units and equipment
    Research on capacity diagnosis test before capacity expansion renovation of thermal power generation units
    Research on performance diagnosis and operation optimization test of thermal power generation units
    Electric balance, water balance and thermal balance test of whole plant
    Performance acceptance test of environmental protection devices
    Research on relevant national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards 
    Fuel assay


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