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Qualification and consultation of nuclear power equipment and materials

    As the supporting unit of the State Nuclear Power Equipment and Material Qualification & Consultant Center, the Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute has the scientific research capability in terms of nuclear power equipment and material qualification and preliminarily has influence in the industry. Since 2012, it has undertaken 6 key national special projects and 1 local special project. It has the test equipment which can meet qualification test requirements of the third generation of nuclear power equipment, such as the most advanced three-axis and six-degree-of-freedom earthquake simulation test system in China, environment simulation test system for water loss accident of main pipe of nuclear power stations (LOCA), large-scale thermal aging test chamber , etc., and the equipment for carrying out the tests of common mechanical properties, fatigue, crack propagation, fracture toughness, high-temperature endurance and creepage, micro-structural characterization and analysis , etc. of materials for nuclear power, and it has the capability including nuclear power equipment qualification program preparation, test result analysis, qualification data package preparation as well as test evaluation, performance assessment and test research and analysis on nuclear powermaterials..

Business directions include:
    General contracting of nuclear power equipment and material qualification
    Qualification and consultation of safety level equipment of nuclear power stations
    Assessment on key materials of nuclear power equipment
    Design verification
    Research on qualification technology and test method
    Research on Nuclear power equipment qualification standard
    Research on Nuclear power material


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