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Manufacturing supervision/overseeing

£®1£©Manufacturing supervision/overseeing of equipment manufacturing process

    It has engaged in the manufacturing supervision of electric power equipment for almost 30 years and it is the first manufacturing supervision regulation drafting unit in China. It is one of major drafting units of the first national standard for equipment overseeing industry, i.e. the Equipment Project Overseeing Specification, GB/T26429-2010.
    In 2004, it obtained the first piece of Qualification Certificate of Equipment Overseeing Unit issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China and the National Development and Reform Commission in China.
    It sponsors in developing the quality and progress control, contract and information management methods for manufacturing supervision of engineering equipment in China and extends equipment manufacturing supervision business to the scope of equipment engineering consultation.

Business directions mostly include:
    Major equipment and auxiliary equipment of thermal power plant projects;
    Conventional island TG package equipment and nuclear auxiliary equipment in nuclear island system equipment in nuclear power station projects;
    Equipment of power transmission and transformation projects (including the equipment such as transformer type, switch type, enclosed bus, secondary equipment of substations, capacitors , etc.);
    Waste incineration equipment of urban waste treatment projects;
    Special equipment including industrial boilers, pressure vessels, pipes , etc.

£®2£©Unit performance test overseeing

    It is the overseeing institute of performance test of the first set of unit for the 300MW and 600MW technology introduced into China and it has the capability of overseeing the performance test of thermal power generation units, gas-steam combined cycle units and nuclear power generation units.


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