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Nuclear Power Project
SPERI supplied technical software materials for 300MW machine sets of the first nuclear power plant of our country - Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, including engineering design and experimental study of nuclear power project equipment, welding materials and welding technology research, the engineering design and manufacturing rules of mechanical equipment in the nuclear island, qualification assessment of nuclear power equipment manufacturing and etc. SPERI is undertaking the national science & technology major thematic studies work of national nuclear power technology AP1000 &CAP1400 large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor.

Work Range

Scope of Work
Design and research of auxiliary equipment and system of nuclear power plant
Design and research of safety system equipment in nuclear power project
Design and research of main and auxiliary equipment completion set in conventional island of nuclear power plant
Experimental investigation of nuclear power equipment nationalization 
Study of nuclear power equipment standard systems (ASME and RCC-M)
Manufacture development of nuclear power electrical penetration assembly

Typical Cases

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