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Fossil-fired (Thermal) Power plant Project
SPERI can design fossil-fired power plant and thermal cogeneration power plant. Capacity of single machine unit ranges each capacity level from 0.75 to 125MW, including coal-fired power plant, gas-fired power plant and oil-fired power plant, steam turbines designed for such power plant are condensing type, extraction condensing type and back pressure type. Parameters of the machine set are secondary medium pressure, medium pressure, secondary high pressure, high pressure, subcritical pressure.

Work Range

Scope of Work
Fossil-fired (thermal) power plant project design and general contracting
Oil to gas fuel conversion project
Boiler island retrofitproject
Performance acceptance of fossil-fired (thermal) power plant project 
Technical service and engineering management of fossil-fired (thermal) power plant project 
Design and contracting of power plants with special functions 

Typical Cases

Number Name Capacity Work Finishing Time
1 Pakistan Fatima Power Plant 2x60MW Engineering design In construction
2 Iraq Salah Al Din Power Plant 4x300MW Technical service 2013
3 Bangladesh Westmont 50MW joint circulation power station 1x50MW Technical service 2013
 4  Cambodia Kampot 2x135MW power station  2x135MW  EPC  Decision-making stage
 5  Indonesia 1x75TPH Boiler island project  1x75TPH  EPC  2012
 6  The CPP of India Steelmaking Plant  240t/h+60MW  EPC  2011
 Indonesia CTI51MW power station  CTI 1x51MW  Engineering design/equipment supply  2008
 8 Indonesia  Pangkalanbun  Kalimantan power station
 2×7MW  EPC  2006
9 Indonesia Sumatra Rengat Riau power station 2×7MW EPC 2006
10 Indonesia Sumatra Tembilahan Riau power station 2×7MW EPC 2006
11 Iran Sahand power station 2×325MW Technical service 2004
12 Indonesia Sumatra 1x15MW power station 1x15MW Engineering design 2004
13 Indonesia Coal fired power station 2×7MW EPC 2004

Iraq Gas Mulla Abduliah Turbine power station

6×36MW Technical service 2000
15 Peru ILO power station 2×125MW  Engineering design/equipment supply 1998


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