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Technical services for materials

1¡¢Development and application research of new materials of power stations 
    Independently design, research and develop the new heat-resistant steel and alloy materials for power station equipment, carry out the development of supercritical and ultra-supercritical heat-resistant steel materials in cooperation with enterprises, perform the application performance research of new materials, and promote the application of new materials on power stations.
2¡¢Research on high-temperature and long-time structure and performance changes of power station materials
    Mostly carry out microstructure analysis on the high-temperature materials operated for a long period for material manufacturing enterprises and power plants, and research the change relation between performance deterioration and structure.
3¡¢Research on creepage and fatigue interaction of power station materials
   Research on the damage mechanism of high-temperature materials of power supply under the composite loading of creepage and fatigue, establishing the creepage-fatigue cycle life relation of materials and provide supports for the life evaluation on high-temperature units.
4¡¢Research on high-temperature steam oxidization and flue gas corrosion of power station materials
    Mainly research the oxidization and corrosion behaviors of materials in high-temperature and high-pressure steam environment and the effect of high-temperature flue gas and fly ash in simulated coal-fired boilers on corrosion performance of materials, and provide bases for the material selection of power station materials.
5¡¢Research on high-temperature and long-time test method and technology of power station materials
    Mainly carry out the research on test methods and technologies for high-temperature endurance, creepage, relaxation, creepage crack propagation, creepage-fatigue interaction, creepage and fatigue crack propagation , etc. and analyze various factors effecting on test results to consequently detail operating procedures and improve the reliability, comparability and reproducibility of test data.
6¡¢Service damage analysis and life evaluation technology for power station materials
    Mainly perform comparative analysis with the results of high-temperature material testing in laboratory environment and the changes of operating conditions of actual service, carry out the research between performance deterioration and structural change in different damage phases, establish damage evaluation parameters, assess the damage level of materials and research and establish the relevant life evaluation method for actual damage state of materials.
7¡¢Assessment technology for high-temperature and long-time performance of power station materials
    Perform high-temperature endurance and creepage tests on high-temperature materials for power stations, and make extrapolation to the enduring strength and creepage strength in 100,000 hours or longer periods.
8¡¢Power station material welding technology and welding joint failure analysis technology
    Mainly carry out the research on welding characteristics and technologies of metal materials of power stations, such as the effect of different parameters including welding methods, base metals, welding material types , etc. on the performance of welding parts, and perform the research on welding joint failure analysis.

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