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¡¡¡¡SPERI has a strong technology team, powerful technical capacity and rich engineering experience. Centering on key fields of performance optimization, equipment upgrading, service safety, energy saving and environmental protection, new material and technology and lifetime services of power station, and adhering to the principle of "first-class technology, first-class equipment, first-class talent and first-class management", SPERI provides large- and medium-scale fossil-fired, nuclear, gas turbine and new energy power generation users with individual, differentiated and all-round technological services, promoting the power generation technology and sustainable development of our country greatly. SPERI also provides technological services in the fields of boiler, steam turbine, gas turbine, automatic control, system integration and optimization.

Boiler overall performance optimization, retro...

Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine
Steam turbine aerodynamic test, through-flow o...

Automatic Control
Power plant instrumentationand control system ...

Technical supports and services for nuclear power projects
Lifetime services for nuclear power stations

Technical services for materials
1¡¢Development and application research of new ...

System Integration and Optimization
Power station heating system comprehensive ene...

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