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DCS control system
The design, configuration and field commissioning tasks for DCS system of power generation plants have been undertaken for a long period, and the abundant experience in thermal power plant control projects has been accumulated for decades of years. The installed capacity of units SPERI undertook is 50MW-1000MW; they range from pulverized coal boilers to circulating fluidized beds and from sub-critical units to supercritical (ultra-supercritical) units.
Products Description

    The DCS system includes: automatic plant startup and shutdown system (APS), turbine-boiler coordinated control system (CCS), data acquisition system (DAS), sequence control system (SCS), burner management and furnace safety supervision system (FSSS), bypass system (BYPASS), electrical control system (ECS), micro electro-hydraulic control system of steam-driven feed-water pump (MEH), digital electro-hydraulic control system of steam turbine (DEH) , etc.
    The advanced and mainstream instrument control systems in the industry are widely used as the DCS equipment: OVATION (Emerson), SYMPHONY+ (ABB Bailey), PKS (Honeywell), I/A Series (Foxboro), PCS7 (Siemens), XDPS (GE Xinhua) , etc.


DCS Control System

Overview picture of DCS control room of the power plant

Standard engineering-DCS picture of 2*1000MW power unit of Changshu power plant

Standard engineering-DCS picture of Shanghai Jinshan Shihua 600t/h CFB power unit


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